About Us

We as YeahSA started our business utilising PV Solar system designs and incorporated this into off grid heating system solutions for specialised toilets for rural areas. Three Phase Off Grid systems was used to power Composting units (JORA Composters) to make compost from human waste. Further OFF grid solutions was then developed onwards. I was employed and worked as a technician for a well known solar company, where I built up my knowledge about the latest technologies from Inverters, Solar Chargers, Solar Panels and more. Product knowledge was gained on SMA, SolarEdge, Omnipower, Axpert, Victron (repair technician for company), BYD Lithium batteries to name but a few.

I am a qualified solar PV installer, registered with PV GreenCard which was launched by SAPVIA to ensure conformity and quality installations. I work with a qualified electrician which ensures the necessary COC is given after completion of installations.